Youth Conference 2022 is headed to Kansas City!


WHAT:   Youth Conference 2022

  Kansas City, Missouri

  Lincoln NE Stake Youth 13/14+

(For youth turning 14 in 2022 and older)

  Monday, June 13 – Wednesday, June 15

*Check-in on Monday at 8am at the Stake Center. The bus departs at 9am. Don’t forget your sack lunch.

*Pick-up on Wednesday at the Stake Center with an estimated arrival time of 8-8:30pm.



General Info.




Worlds of Fun Village Cabins

  • Fits 6-8 people per cabin
  • Full bathroom
  • Kitchenette with microwave and mini fridge

Registration is Closed.

If you need help with late registration, please contact the Stake YM President, Bro. Vance via email:


TO REGISTER YOUTH  – Complete BOTH steps for each youth.


1.  Complete Online Registration Form (Google Form)

2.  Print and return completed “Permission & Medical Release Form” to your Bishop or YW President.

How did "THEY" show trust in the Lord?


In April, our Stake Presidency issued a letter to the youth inviting them to prepare spiritually for youth conference in order to assist in the gathering of Israel and fulfill the Old Testament promise of turning your heart to your fathers.

You are invited to. . .

1.  Prepare at least one family name from your family tree to take to the temple. If possible, learn something about their life that you can share with others.

2.  Learn how an ancestor, or pioneer, from church history in Missouri trusted in the Lord. Be able to share their story and how their example helps you in your life today.

3.  Set aside personal time to reflect on why it’s important to “trust in the Lord and lean not unto thine own understanding.” (Prov. 3:5-6)

How does THEIR example help you trust in the Lord today?

Don’t Forget.

  • On Monday, you will need to bring a sack lunch from home.
  • Plan ahead and make sure you bring your temple recommend.
  • Please leave your phones at home and bring your paper scriptures! Leaders will take lots of pictures to share after the conference.
  • Clothing:  Follow standards from “For Strength of Youth” booklet. Casual dress on Monday and Tuesday. Sunday dress on Wednesday. Comfortable walking shoes are a MUST!
  • Youth do not need to bring cash, but if you do please limit to $20.
  • Carefully read all the info on the Youth Conference Packing List.

As They Did.

Help us collect stories of faith about our ancestors and pioneers who came before us! 

Tell us how they trusted in the Lord and how that helps you trust in the Lord.

If you have a story to share, please send it to Sister Robinson at:

Grandpa “Bud” Bruce

Grandpa “Bud” Bruce worked at Certainteed, a fiberglass factory, for over 27 years. One of his positions required him to work under sheets of extremely hot material. Other men had died when the sheets had fallen on them. One day, a sheet fell and the edge fell just in front of his steel toed boots and fell away from him. He testified that the blessing he received during his initiatory ordinance, (specifically that his garments would be a shield and a protection), protected him in this and other job related accidents. This helps me to trust that the lord will keep his promises, and as long as we stay faithful he will help protect us and keep us safe.

Submitted by:  Keri Davis, Pioneer Ward

Isaac Allred, 1788-1870

Isaac Allred migrated with his wife, Mary Calvert, and nine children from Tennessee to Monroe, Missouri around 1830. He and his family were some of the first converts in Missouri. They were baptized in September 1832 and helped start the Salt River Branch. He was close friends with early leaders of the church. In Missouri, they had 3 more children and even named their last child Sidney Rigdon Allred. They were persecuted and chased by mobs from Monroe to Far West and later settled in Nauvoo before they crossed the plains with the Allen Taylor Company and settled in Utah. My favorite account about Isaac that I found stated that he was a beautiful violinist and loved to play to gladden the hearts of the saints. He was close friends with the Prophet Joseph Smith and he would often play for him in his home in Nauvoo. I also found funny accounts of him trying to outwit and outride the mobs that followed him. I think it takes great trust in the Lord to be able to be joyful during times of trial and persecution! I want to be more like Isaac and enjoy my blessings, even when life can be hard! 

Submitted by:  Angela Robinson, Holmes Lake Ward

Charles C. Rich, 1809-1883

I am the great great-granddaughter of Charles C. Rich. He served as an apostle under Brigham Young after the Church settled in Utah Territory. During the Missouri period he was a leader in Caldwell County and fought in the Battle of Crooked River where he led one of three columns of defenders against the Missouri militia. In Nauvoo he served on the Nauvoo High Council and as a Brigadier-General in the Nauvoo Legion. Once the Saints had settled in Utah, he was asked by Brigham Young to lead a company of Saints to California where they opened San Bernardino for settlement in 1850. Eventually, in 1863 he was called back to Utah by President Young and then charged with leading the settlement of the Bear Lake Valley on the border of Utah and Idaho. You would think that he had quite enough to do; however, during that same time he also accepted a calling as President of the British Mission. 


What has always inspired me was his willingness to do whatsoever the Lord asked of him. Whether serving in battle, settling the wilderness from Missouri to Illinois to Utah and Idaho to the Pacific Ocean, or taking the Gospel to other lands he exemplified, “I’ll go where you want me to go dear Lord.” When I think of his example I hope and pray that I can do just a portion of what he did as I strive to serve the Lord. 

Submitted by:  Kim Smith, Holmes Lake Ward